Guang Li, Ph.D.

Guang received his Ph.D. training in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai by studying the epigenetic regulations in plant organ development. After that, he joined the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute as a postdoc to study heart development in mouse and human iPSC systems. Combining single-cell mRNA sequencing, single molecular in situ hybridization, machine learning, and advanced imaging techniques, he systematically analyzed the temporal and spatial development of the heart at the single-cell level.

Postdoctoral Fellow


Wei Feng, Ph.D.

Wei received his Ph.D. training in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing by studying cardiac dysfunctions in diabetic diseases. He specifically focused on a gene called GCN2 and found it played an important role in attenuating the myocardial damages in both type 1 and type 2 diabetic cardiomyopathy. Wei joined the Li lab in June 2019. He is interested in the multiplexed single-cell mRNA sequencing and is actively using it to study the heart development in mouse and human iPSC models.

Graduate Student


Visiting Scientist


Research Technician




Cassandra Rios, B.S.

Cassandra is a graduate student in the Integrative Systems Biology program housed in the School of Medicine. She received her B.S. from the University of California at Davis in Genetics and Genomics. After which she worked as a postbaccalaureate at the National Institutes of Health in the department of Neurological Disorders and Stroke under the tutelage of Dr. Susan Wray. She comes to our lab with an interest in learning about single cell sequencing and how its applications can help delineate the developmental processes of the heart.

Shan Jiang, MD, Ph.D.

Shan received her MD and Ph.D. training in the Southern Medical University in China. She has a research background on the neurotoxicity of local anesthetics. After finishing her Ph.D., she worked as an anesthetist in the Department of Anesthesiology of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University. Shan joined the lab in November 2019. She is interested in learning single-cell techniques including single-cell mRNA sequencing and single molecular in situ hybridization, and expect to applying them in the study of heart development.

Juan Xu, MD

Juan did veterinary medicine ( M.D. program) training and got master’s degree at Yangzhou University in China. After graduated, she worked in Model Animal Research Center of Nanjing University as senior researcher. She has strong animal model expertise including embryonic microinjection,  CRISPR mouse model, transverse aortic constriction surgery and mouse echocardiography. Juan joined the Li lab since September 2021. Her research study mainly focuses on using single cell sequencing state-of-the-art technology to study congenital heart defects in mouse model.

Aaron Zhang

Aaron is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry and political science. He is interested in learning about molecular genetics and applying his coursework within a lab setting. In his free time, he likes to work out, play tennis and badminton, and try new foods.


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Morgan Perry

Morgan is an undergraduate student at Pitt studying Molecular Biology. She is most interested in synthetic biology and cardiology. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crocheting, and riding motorcycles.

Manqing (Estella) Jin

Manqing (Estella) Jin is an undergraduate freshman at University of Pittsburgh,  double majors in neuroscience and music, and minors in chemistry. Previously, she conducted research on enzyme activity at a biochemistry lab at East China University of Science and Technology from 2017-2019. Now she works with Andrew and perform PLISH. In her free time, she plays piano and writes calligraphy.

Maxwell Sahhar

Maxwell Sahhar is an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh studying Biology. He works with Andrew to perform PLISH and create H-Probes. In his free time, he loves playing the flute and reading.

Andrew Przysinda, B.S. 

Andrew is a lab technician in the Li lab. His past work includes studying sleep neuropeptides as an undergrad at Skidmore College and testing advanced imaging technology for viewing human corneas at the University of Rochester. Andrew is interested in working with state-of-the-art research technology such as single cell sequencing and innovative imaging techniques to help benefit society. As a former pre-med student at Skidmore, he enjoys volunteering at West Penn Hospital and reading about groundbreaking medical treatments in his free time.