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Guang Li, Ph.D.

Guang received his Ph.D. training in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai by studying the epigenetic regulations in plant organ development. After that, he joined the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute as a postdoc to study heart development in mouse and human iPSC systems. Combining single-cell mRNA sequencing, single molecular in situ hybridization, machine learning, and advanced imaging techniques, he systematically analyzed the temporal and spatial development of the heart at the single-cell level. 

Postdoctoral Fellow


Wei Feng, Ph.D.

Wei received his Ph.D. training in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing by studying cardiac dysfunctions in diabetic diseases. He specifically focused on a gene called GCN2 and found it played an important role in attenuating the myocardial damages in both type 1 and type 2 diabetic cardiomyopathy. Wei joined the Li lab in June 2019. He is interested in the multiplexed single-cell mRNA sequencing and is actively using it to study the heart development in mouse and human iPSC models.

Research Technician


Juan Xu, MD

Juan did veterinary medicine ( M.D. program) training and got master’s degree at Yangzhou University in China. After graduated, she worked in Model Animal Research Center of Nanjing University as senior researcher. She has strong animal model expertise including embryonic microinjection,  CRISPR mouse model, transverse aortic constriction surgery and mouse echocardiography. Juan joined the Li lab since September 2021. Her research study mainly focuses on using single cell sequencing state-of-the-art technology to study congenital heart defects in mouse model.

Graduate Student


Yuanhang He

Yuanhang is a visiting scholar from Tsinghua university majoring in clinical medicine. He is interested in the mechanism of heart development and the culture and induction  of heart organoid and expects to applying them in the study of CVD-related research. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, photography and cooking.



Cindy Chang

Cindy is an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Biological Sciences and double minoring in Japanese and Chemistry. She is interested in learning about the applications of single-cell mRNA sequencing in the study of cardiogenesis and the uses of 3D heart cultures in the modeling and treatment of cardiac heart diseases. In her free time, Cindy enjoys reading, listening to music, and sightseeing.

Aidan Dorn

Aidan is an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh studying molecular biology and chemistry. He is especially interested in the molecular mechanisms that govern the development of three-dimensional form and is hoping to translate his experience in the lab into a career in basic science, medicine, or a combination of the two. In his free time, Aidan enjoys running, cooking, and spending time outdoors. 


Shirley Chang

Shan Jiang

Cassandra Rios

Morgan Perry

Manqing (Estella) Jin

Maxwell Sahhar

Andrew Przysinda

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