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Heart development

We are interested in how the cardiac lineages are specified? Using dozens of transgenic mice, we are analyzing the transcriptional and epigenetic level regulatory mechanisms in heart development.  

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Cardiac organoid

With cardiac organoids specifying into ventricular and atrial lineages from normal and disease patients, we are trying to understand the normal process of human heart development and abnormal causes in diseases. 

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Multiplexed single-cell approaches

To gain a systematic understanding of heart development and diseases, we are using highly multiplexed single-cell approaches such as MULTI-seq to analyze the single ell omics at multiple level.  


Decoding the spatial information

Combining microdissection, single-cell RNA sequencing, and machine learning methods, we have made a heart map with low-resolution. To increase the resolution all the way down to single-cell level, we are using cutting-edge methods including spatial transcriptomics, tissue clearing, and multiplexed in situ hybridization.  

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